Four months later, I am back in Taipei for a short visit. Homesick. The only reason explains everything: families, friends, and foods. I call them Yufen's 3Fs! ;p

The most visible change is the physical conditions. My nose and throat became itchy right after arriving in the airport probably because of the particles in the damp air. Taiwan is really taiwan. I can tell just by smelling it. It's a smell of home.

And there are more new shopping malls and replacement of shops around my neighborhood, the XinYi/East area. The most shocking look to me was the abandoned old United Daily News building. the press is now moving to another location.

What has not changed is the nearly-psycho news coverage! In fact, they seem even more rampant in reporting non-stop gossip news about celebrities and those rich families who dominate the top of the wealth on this land. Who's daughter is getting married, who is cyring, whose mom has passed away, who bought a gorgeous house to his wife, who is dating the son of xxx big corporates...COME ON!! What's wrong with the reporters here?!! I definitely don't doubt that news industries are the criminals which forge a fault mentality of materialism, money-priority marriage life, and hierarchical values in Taiwan. They together with simple-minded Taiwanese made our society stagnated.

My habit to go to the Eslite Bookstore has not changed :) I spent a delightful night there browsing piles of book about Foucault, Deleuze, Virilio, and Zizek. Taking my first step into in the 'Humanities and Culture' section in Eslite in my life, I know what Amsterdam has changed me, though the bookstore remains the same.




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