I returned to Amsterdam with a surprisingly pleasant feeling of nostalgia when I dealt with a series of airport customs investigation (because I forget to bring my residence permit), walking home in the dark through icy paths with heavy luggage, and finally saw my roommates. I thought I hate this place because of all the inconvenience and troubles it has always brought me. Well, this trip makes me believe I am gradually getting used to it though I still complain a lot ;p  

Yesterday I had a great meeting with my thesis supervisor and other group mates. Our first panel discussion was productive, in my view, that I have a stronger faith to complete my Master's thesis because I am not fighting alone. Exchanging critical reviews as a group definitely helps more than the completion of the thesis itself, it is the process of communication and interaction that I enjoy and learn the most.

My short trip back to Taiwan is rewarding. I feel myself recharged after meeting close friends and spending some quality time with families. Amsterdam remains snowy, but I see a beautiful silver world and can't wait to walk out to meet my lovely friends for a bowl of soup at school :))


(pic taken this morning through my window)


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