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文 / 陳郁分 Yufen Cadence Chen

搬過來辛亥隧道附近的山莊住了也快一年,雖然一開始十分害怕鄰近的墳墓,但漸漸感覺"它們"對我應該是沒有興趣,因此現在就連半夜獨自回家也鮮少感到發毛,反而是期待著路上可以多聽到蟲鳴、多看到些夜行動物 (之前有看過小蛇,但被車子壓扁了 =( 



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不知大家在台灣旅行時, 是否跟我一樣感覺到處都是垃圾?

垃圾, 是因為我們在旅行中無意間製造了許多垃圾;

旅人不僅是過客, 更是為當地人留下了許多垃圾的雜亂.


而在這次的綠島小旅行, 我在民宿看到了一張DM:




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前幾個禮拜休了一整個星期的假, 開車加上搭渡輪到了英國十分北邊的領土--Orkney Islands, 以及十分西邊的Skye半島旅行.

沿途風景壯觀到美不勝收, 回到農場後十分忙碌(現在我們有來自法國/美國/英國/德國及澳洲的一群義工夥伴日夜一同工作, 玩樂, 生活), 並沒有太多時間可以上網或使用電腦.

這幾天終於比較有空閒抓個兩三個小時整理照片, 很喜歡這張在Skye公路旅行時意外發現高原牛(Highlands Cow)時拍的照片.


近距離地接觸讓我興奮不已. 我可以感到那隻牛被我壓迫到"氣喘如牛", 真的是幾乎準備隨時要衝過來踹我了!   


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Katie就不斷地聳恿我們到處走走 不要花太多時間在菜園裡

『啊呀! 你們就是來度假的呀! 』她總是如此說


趁著禮拜五的大晴天 我們也就大膽地休了一天假

計畫去攀爬北威爾斯的第二高峰Cadair Idris


拿著地圖 Phil詳細地解說了登山路線 Katie主動開車帶我們到數公里遠的登山步道

他們把我們丟在步道入口之後 還熱情地說六小時後會在十公里之外的出口接我們回家



Cadair Idris這是我爬過最險峻但是最美麗壯觀的山











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Four months later, I am back in Taipei for a short visit. Homesick. The only reason explains everything: families, friends, and foods. I call them Yufen's 3Fs! ;p

The most visible change is the physical conditions. My nose and throat became itchy right after arriving in the airport probably because of the particles in the damp air. Taiwan is really taiwan. I can tell just by smelling it. It's a smell of home.

And there are more new shopping malls and replacement of shops around my neighborhood, the XinYi/East area. The most shocking look to me was the abandoned old United Daily News building. the press is now moving to another location.

What has not changed is the nearly-psycho news coverage! In fact, they seem even more rampant in reporting non-stop gossip news about celebrities and those rich families who dominate the top of the wealth on this land. Who's daughter is getting married, who is cyring, whose mom has passed away, who bought a gorgeous house to his wife, who is dating the son of xxx big corporates...COME ON!! What's wrong with the reporters here?!! I definitely don't doubt that news industries are the criminals which forge a fault mentality of materialism, money-priority marriage life, and hierarchical values in Taiwan. They together with simple-minded Taiwanese made our society stagnated.

My habit to go to the Eslite Bookstore has not changed :) I spent a delightful night there browsing piles of book about Foucault, Deleuze, Virilio, and Zizek. Taking my first step into in the 'Humanities and Culture' section in Eslite in my life, I know what Amsterdam has changed me, though the bookstore remains the same.



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Last week I took an excursion to a national park in Germany along with Steve. We decided to escape the very flat Netherlands and get closer to mountain areas which we are both more familiar with. One thing I didn't expect was that it was freaking cold out there and I didn't have enough gears to protect me from bone-chilly coldness. Other than that, everything was perfect: fine weather, decent affordable foods, gorgeous scenery, and we saved 40 Euros by taking sloooooow train back to Amsterdam.

Location: Saxon Switzerland (in Germany) and Bohemian Switzerland (in Czech)

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